• Fuck it, I shipped it

    Fuck it, I shipped it

    You know that feeling of putting stuff off until it’s perfect? But it never is, cause nothing ever is. There’s always more to do, more to learn, more to tweak. Each improvement then opens up other issues that could be tweaked some more. And there’s alway’s more features to add, and BLAH BLAH.

  • Where it's at

    Where it’s at now

    I’ve started the Academy now, but I’m familiar with everything from the first unit so far. That’s a good thing, because it shows theat I didn’t come in here blind. I’ve already learned a fair bit about myself. That really helps me focus on the things I need to learn, and do, better. So here’s a recap on where I am currently at, on entering the Micropreneur Academy.

  • Hello World!

    Started day 1 of the Micropreneur Academy today.


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